• A visit to Imm Cologne 2015

    An interior architect, interior designer or an interior stylist should be well informed. One way of doing this is by visiting the fairs, may it be national or international. This is quite important to find inspiration, discover the novelties and trends and get to know new brands and dealers.   As it happens Imm Cologne in Cologne, Germany is one of the first international fairs of the year targeting professionals such as architects, interior… Read more

  • An interior of a town house in Schellebelle, Belgium

    My client, who had just bought a small townhouse in Schellebelle, contacted me early this year. He wanted to have a modern, sleek and stylish interior without any demolition works and without breaking the bank.   It seems to me that we sometimes tend to forget that beautiful interiors don’t always require to be in a mansion. Amazing things can be designed for a small apartment, home or office. It has all got to do… Read more

  • A visit to the 24th Biennale Interior in Kortrijk, Belgium

    The city of Kortrijk is quite the happening place now. For those of you who are not aware of it, Kortrijk expo has been the home for design lovers from 1968. Since then, the fair takes place every two years in October for ten fantastic days. This year is the 24th edition with the title being “The home does not exist?”   The fair is not about the necessary things that we need. Rather it… Read more

  • It ain’t no secret – Design doesn’t come cheap!

    It’s common knowledge that design doesn’t come cheap. Over and over again I hear the same response from my friends “We don’t want designer furniture. It’s way too expensive!” What may or may not fit in your budget and what your priorities are, can only be defined by you. But it is important to know what makes something expensive, so you can attach a value to it. Why is design expensive, or better put, not cheap?… Read more

  • The story of an interior – Project Oosterzele

    Mid-February of last year, potential clients from Oosterzele contacted me. They were looking for an interior designer near Oosterzele to design and coordinate the renovation of their living room and office space. A week after our acquaintance they confirmed that they wanted to work with me. The project was also expanded to include the kitchen, dining room and entrance hall. Read more