Behind the scenes of an exterior project – Project Strijpen 02

Behind the scenes of an exterior project – Project Strijpen 02

When I delivered the luxury penthouse for my client in Strijpen, Zottegem he already started talking about the next project with me. He requested that I keep some time available in the near future to work on the exterior of his apartment. 

A year later, he was ready to start, and the project was initiated. The apartment has a massive terrace of 20 m long on 2,5 m wide. The ideal apartment living dream! It consisted of grey tiled flooring and a fixed sunscreen which unfortunately was just about the looks and had no function at all!

It’s no surprise that one of the most important wishes of the client was to provide an actual functioning sunscreen. The apartment was well oriented, but it also meant that most summer days it was fully basking under the sun. Not ideal, temperature wise nor for the luxury furnishing in the interior. The client brief also requested a big table for entertainment and two sun loungers. Other than that, the client just wanted me to do my magic. I was happy and set out to do just that. I wanted to impress my client. 

Exterior design of a penthouse apartment

One aspect was very clear from the beginning. The new exterior needed to blend with the interior. I really wanted to extend the apartment that there really was no clear boundary between inside and outside. This of course meant taking the choice of colours and materials through to the exterior. So, the use of green and wood was essential. On the other hand, I wanted the exterior to be lighter and brighter. After all we need to get the most out of the rare summer days in Belgium. Hence, I limited the use of black and increased the use of white. I wanted to give the client the perfect palette to enjoy his terrace from early spring to late autumn.

One thing I notice lacking in most terraces are plants. I get it. Maintenance is a must. But why not get the best out of both worlds? I decided to implement plants that were easy to maintain but hereby also create a green environment. Plants bring life to everything and in the still life of a home this is quite important. 

With these initial ideas in mind, I could move onto the detailed design.

Presentation of the exterior design.

A 20 m long terrace can seem quite endless. To avoid the feeling of a long train carriage I created zones. 

Cooking zone

First the cooking zone. Custom made plant pots were the focus with bamboo plants. This creates a privacy screen to block the view of onlookers from the street (Did you know that special effort was put into choosing the external wood that could withstand the harsh outdoor climate but still resemble the walnut used in the interior?)

 Amidst this zone a mobile kitchen was presented for some easy and casual cooking. The bamboo provides the allure of cocooning perfect for those intimate cooking moments with your loved ones. Nearby another custom-made plant pot with just the needed spices for that easy barbeque or quick cocktail.

Dining zone

As requested, I proposed a long dining table with comfortable chairs. The gorgeous olive ropes on the chair are easily complimented by the white frames and the light beige of the dining table.

Living zone

My idea for the zone beyond the dining area was to create a complete green box. This is implemented by an outdoor carpet, a comfortable sofa and greenery in front of the façade to break the harshness. In you guessed it, in green. All different shades of greens come together to form a lushness that an outdoor environment can definitely use.

Relax zone

The terrace is then completed with the final zone where you find the sunlounges, sculptural coffee tables and a plant pot. All one needs now is a glass of wine and a good sunset and the mood is set.

From design to implementation

Yet again my client gave his 100% approval for the implementation. Nothing was changed of the design. He wanted it implemented just as the 3D renders were proposed. Which is what I did. 

It was a struggle sometimes due to the Covid pandemic with products out of stock, long delivery terms, missing items, … but despite it all the end result was ready just in time to enjoy the height of summer in 2021.

Nothing beats the feeling of delivering yet another successful project to a returning client.

How about you? Are you ready for your dream exterior? Let’s talk!

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