Interior design

Steps after the design consultation

Each project at Shanaz Razik Interior Architect begins with an initial consultation. This gives you as a client the ability to find out what I can do specific for you and your home in the given time duration. If you are happy with our brainstorm session we move onto a screening process. This is important to come to terms regarding budget, time line and expectations from both parties. This is again an example of how I stand for clear communication every step of the way. After the screening process we move onto a turnkey service.

Design phase where all your needs and wishes are taken into account

First step in this is of course the design phase, which begins with a second meeting where all measurements are taken as well as a general meeting with the required contractors. This is to make sure that we foresee any fundamental problems. After all there is no point in having a beautiful design that cannot be implemented!

Pre design concept with mood board

After this, initial ideas are worked out and we meet again. Pre design concept will include several sketches possibly with different options as well as a mood board. This will give you a general idea of what I have in mind for your beautiful home. After this presentation we can decide together on the final pre design, which will go back to the drawing table to be worked out as the final design. In some cases where the project entails more of styling than actual construction works, this step might be overlapped.

2D and 3D design plans: Your construction guide

The final design is worked out in detail in 2D digital plans and incredibly realistic 3D visualizations. Depending on the type of your project, your design will also be presented on a digital platform. This is an intern communication platform between you as the client and me as the interior designer. All items for your home or apartment will be presented here room by room and goes into details such as the styling of which vase in which format and colour.

Your house in picture, as it would be

So it is an amazing day when we meet for the presentation of your final design. This will be presented to you with the aid of 2D plans, 3D visualizations, digital platform, documentations and extra images for proposed items, full sample collection as well detailed quotations. At that moment you will really see your dream home come to life. Which probably is the reason in spite of the flexibility that I am yet to have a client who did not want to continue with the turnkey project after the design presentation.

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