For whom

Any project with Shanaz Razik Interior Architect begins with a consultation. A consultation is aimed to help the following people:

  • DIY’s who enjoy doing the work themselves but need some professional guidance to start
  • Clients who are interested in a turnkey service and would like to get a clear idea of what a project with Shanaz Razik Interior Architect will entail.

A consultation is a great way to tap into an interior designer’s years of experience, knowledge and know-how

Communication, communication and communication. Let’s not embark on a monumental relationship without getting to know each other first. Only then and only with your 100% trust can we start on a full-service project

Let me stop those irreversible mistakes and those costly mis purchases by guiding you for a few hours on your project

Consultation DIY client

It all starts with a tour of your home of the area’s you will like to undertake as well as the areas, which are already completed. This gives me an idea of your desired taste. In addition to that I need you to provide me with your wishes and needs for the space. This enables me as an interior designer to provide each space with a unique personality – that of yours.

After this I will share with you my input and knowledge. I call this a brainstorm session where I provide you with an initial starting point for your project.

During this time, I also summarize my advice as follow up notes for you. You are also welcome to keep any drawn sketches on site (if any).

This package starts with a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours per session.

Should you wish thereafter, to proceed as a full-service client I will provide you with the details for a turnkey project and what it entails

Consultation for full-service clients

For a turnkey project, a two-hour consultation is used to get a clear client brief from you. Not only this but during the consultation we discuss your budget and planning of your project. We will set realistic expectations for your project. This will also be one of the moments you will see how important communication is for me. Let’s not embark on a monumental relationship without getting to know each other first. During this brief consultation you will get to know my ideas and thoughts for your specific project. Only then and only with your 100% trust and both parties agreement can we start on a full-service project. This will also be one of the few times you will be expected to work on your project. Namely to choose the right person who can lead you to your dream home revolving around excellent client experience.

Types of consultation for DIY clients

You can contact me for advice on several levels:

  • General consultations: Lost on how to create the perfect layout? Are you building but not sure how to start your project? I will provide you with ideas for space layouts and design
  • Colour consultations: Are you overwhelmed with the idea of picking paint colours? Not sure which colours represent your personality? I can advise on colours for paints but also for your furniture and accessories.
  • Material consultation – Looking for the wow aspect for your home? I will help you choose the correct materials be it for your walls, floors or kitchen
  • Lighting consultation – Think of the correct lighting as makeup. Correctly applied and in its subtle appearance it will give your interior an added value.
  • Furniture consultation – Do you want your house to feel like a home, look gorgeous and be practical? The correct furniture, built-in or freestanding can do wonders.
  • Window treatment – Nothing else finishes a room or adds the desired atmosphere like the correct window treatments. I can help you chose the perfect style that will suit your home.
  • Accessories consultation – Without the right jewels, your dress is not going to stand out. Neither will your interior without the right accessories. I will provide you advice on how to style your interior and purchases can be done later via the webshop.

Work with Shanaz Razik

Full Service

Ever wonder what it would be like to achieve your dream home without being overwhelmed and stressed out? Everything taken care of just for you?


Looking to make some changes to your home but not in the mood to make irreversible mistakes and costly mis purchases? Wished you could just talk to someone about your ideas and get some input?


A partnership that brings value to both parties, where both our works are better through the other, where a strong end result is provided to the final client. A dream home ready to be published