Providing your new construction personality

The owners of this new construction were desperate when they contacted Shanaz Razik Interior architect. The site coordination of their turnkey project left much to be desired and there was no talk of an interior design.

Building with ease of mind

The owners requested Shanaz Razik Interior architect to take over the coordination of the project. With my systematic work approach and strict follow up I was able to do damage control and get the project back on track and under control. Thus ensuring that the clients started to look forward to the completion with peace of mind.

Custom made fire place wall

In close consultation with the clients I designed an interior with a streamlined, custom-made fireplace wall. I also followed up with the production from A to Z. The entire interior is foreseen of straightforward lines and a clear white basic colour palette, which visually enhances the small living area. The sliding doors to the storage area are finalised with a print on the doors. Soft, purple accent colours reflect the warm personality of the future inhabitants.

Advice with material choices and general decorating

In addition to interior design and meticulous project management the residents also relied on me for specific advice for the further decoration of their interiors. I ensured that the accessories and material choices flow seamlessly with the previously applied elements such as the windows, flooring and lighting.

Do you want to provide your new house with a soul? Know which materials you need to finish off your home? Consult me, get a 3D visualisation or get me to mange your project from design to accessorization.

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