Site coordination and project follow up renovation Aalst

The owners of this residence in Aalst wanted to renovate their ground floor. The results from the initial conversation showed that they wanted to create more space. Thus resulting in this project requiring extensive renovation works. Only the outer walls would remain intact.

A drastic renovation in mind? Do delegate!

The owners hired Shanaz Razik interior architect for the entire renovation project. I reorganised the layout of the ground floor, made technical plans and designed the interior. I followed up with the works, got the kitchen and fireplace wall custom made and took care of the final decorations and details – from walls to furniture up to the crockery.

Unique interior design

A streamlined design was the starting point of this unique concept: white, wood, green, chrome and black are the elements present in every space. This gives the interior a distinct personality and a clear flow. The minimalistic ground floor exudes welcoming warmth thanks to the natural wood flooring and wooden furniture. Fresh green colours provide playful accents throughout the interior.

Custom made design kitchen

The entire interior is custom made from A to Z. The open kitchen was designed specifically for this space and custom made in high quality materials. All the hinder some kitchen equipment is hidden: the ventilator was integrated in the cooking plate and the freestanding kitchen equipment is hidden behind sliding doors. Thus ensuring that the kitchen is part of the living space.

Spatial flow

The same principal was applied in the living area. The fireplace wall was also custom made specifically for this space. In the entrance hall, the inbuilt wardrobe, innovative lighting and the consequent use of the colour white ensures a seamless flow with the rest of the interior.

Do you want to renovate with peace of mind, and delegate your site coordination and technical renovation with ease? I would love to provide you with more information.

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