Support for building professionals

Are you an architect, interior architect, contractor or builder? One of the services at Shanaz Razik Interior Architect is to provide the necessary extra support to the Business-to-Business market.

Interior consultation

As a professional client you can count on me for interior consultations in terms of colour, lighting, materials and accessories. This enables your end customer to make the right decisions for their interiors. In addition as an interior designer I can help you create mode boards or give presentations using samples of materials and the correct documentation.

Detailed 2D and 3D plans

I also work as an extern party to your project by providing space layouts, detailed 2D floor plans and sections and realistic 3D visualizations. This is an added value to convince your client to go ahead with his dream interior or exterior. My detailed plans also provide a clear definition of the project so that there are no misunderstandings about the layout, furnishing and finishing of a house, apartment, hotel or office space.

Picture perfect projects

You can also rely on my experience as an interior architect to design built-in or freestanding furniture. I can also take care of the styling process of your projects by designing and delivering the necessary pillows, carpets, window treatments and decorative items such as vases and flower arrangements. This ensures that your projects are picture perfect, both off and on camera.

Are you in the construction business and looking for an interior consultation?

Contact me to bring together your project to the end customer to a successful conclusion!