Modern, streamlined and stylish interior in a small townhouse.

This is something that has been acheived even without demolition and with a limited budget. In 2014 Interior designer Shanaz Razik designed an interior for a complete townhouse in Schellebelle. Even though a neutral colour pallet of black, white and gray is used, a cozy atmosphere has been created with the use of trendy furniture and accessories.

Small spaces look visually bigger

Dinning room and the kitchen on the ground floor, living room on the first floor and the attic converted into an open bedroom and dressing concept. This way the small townhouse still radiates a feeling of spaciousness. In addition to this the walls and ceilings in white and the subtel use of the correct lighting makes the spaces look visually bigger.

Smart storage spaces

No space has been left untouched for storage – something that is essential in a small townhouse.

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